1. What is your book’s current status?
    • My novel is complete: Date for publication TBA!
  2. What is your book about?
    • Because of the confidentiality clause I am unable to talk about the contents at length. However, here is a tidbit. This is a novel about conflict, consequences, and confidence. It whisks us away on an adventure where internal and external conflicts are braided together illustrating the journey of human vulnerability.
  3. Are you working on other writings?
    • Yes, I’m writing two additional novels, and another short story.
  4. Where can I read your works?
    • I hope to have a short story posted on my website as soon as possible. The novel will be published for hard-copy and online reading as soon as possible.
  5. When did you start writing?
    • My mother actually reminded me that I’ve written since I was a child. She mailed chapters of a book I started at 8 years old. I had forgotten about that!
  6. Where did you study writing?
    • I received my B.A. in English from the University of Texas at Austin, and I am continuing my studies through writing workshops. My thirst for knowledge in writing is never satiated as there is always more to learn. 🙂
  7. Would you peruse my manuscript?
    • Yes! I can read and give feedback on your completed manuscript. Often, writers can become too closely linked to our projects, and an outside perspective is invaluable.
  8. How do I get my manuscript reviewed by you?
    • Send me an email requesting a review so I can make the appropriate time for it. (genesedavis@gmail.com, or message me on Google+ or Twitter)
      • If I am able to fit you in please make sure to send a word document with standard formatting. (12 point font, 1″ margins, and page numbers)
  9. How do I follow your novel’s updates?

Any other questions you’d like answered? Add them in the comment section below.


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