My One Holiday Wish

Happy winter season!

Last night I realized my end-of-the-year wish! It hit me as I was reflecting on the past twelve months. Some highlights of 2019 include:

SXSW! In early March, I was honored to share the stage alongside Riot Games, Cloud Imperium Games, and Wizards of the Coast at the mega SXSW (South by Southwest) event in Austin, TX.

In late March, I hopped over to Anaheim and collaborated with fantastic speakers at WonderCon where we shared tips and tricks for game writing, novel writing, and brand-building.

E3 in downtown Los Angeles was a huge highlight in June. Huge shout out to Spearhead Games, Maximum Games, Modus, Exiin, and Gearbox! It was awesome catching up with all these fantastic game developers!

I was a special guest speaker at the Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, TX, this year and had a blast not only speaking alongside epic game developers such as Hall Hood and Gordon Walton, but also wonderful actors such as Jonny Cruz, Caitlin Glass, Anthony Bowling and Alexandra Shipp.

comiccon_2018A 43

In July, for the 7th year in a row, I was honored to speak at the epic San Diego Comic Con. Huge thanks to the programming team and all my fellow speakers on stage such as Randy Varnell, Jon McGoran, and Devri Walls, with whom I discussed how to create a memorable antagonist and all the tips and tricks we pour into our villainous characters. Leah Hoyer, Leanne Loombe, Eric Kieron Davis and I dove into the topic of video games and the gaming industry. I also had a blast speaking alongside Tony Kim, Trisha Hershberger, Stella Chuu, and Victor Dandridge on the trending topic of building a geek brand.

William Bernhardt invited me to be a special guest speaker at WriterCon in Oklahoma City which was a huge highlight this summer. It was such a wonderful experience sharing the stage with so many authors, poets, literary professionals, and video game writers.

Last but not least, LA Comic Con highlighted the autumn season in October where I spoke on fantastic panels, met and reunited with amazing fans.

Genese with Computercropped2

In addition to all the events, I tackled more writing jobs than ever this year, including writing for upcoming games such as Ary and the Secret of Seasons and Project Witchstone, while also writing novels and novellas for movie studios, and analyzing scripts for animated TV series and science fiction dramas.

On top of professional multi-tasking, 2019 was also a jam-packed year for me on a personal level, too! I’ve had a bun in the oven since March!

gen_2019_cl 17737 copy

And on December 11th, 2019, my second little one was born!

As you can imagine, so much professional and personal change has inspired me to reflect on the past year. In that reflection, I discovered my holiday wish!

And that wish is to master the ability to pause—to really ruminate. To experience the art of meditation is my 2020 stretch goal. So often, I feel as though I have to rush through life’s “to-do’s” and I don’t even have a chance to cerebrate. My holiday wish is to master the ability to be present in the moment, and to practice peace of mind instead of constantly jumping ahead and planning for the next deadline. If you have any thoughts or experience with this type of journey, let me know! I’m so grateful to you for sharing pieces of this year with me. I hope to keep sharing adventures with you in 2020.

What do you have planned for next year? After my downtime over the holidays, I’ll be diving back in to lots more writing, plus, overseas-work-travel to boot! Please ping me anytime via email, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with all your updates. Can’t wait to catch up with you soon.

Happy Holidays!

-Genese Davis

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