Starting is easy, ending is hard…

Starting is easy, ending is hard. On the latest episode of The Storyteller Chatcast, Jason Inman and I discuss short-form storytelling, rock-star endings, plus, his outstanding series, JupiterJet! Cheers, Jason Inman! You were such a fantastic guest on the podcast!

Listen in via your favorite podcast platform such as iTunes, Spotify, and more!

Jason Inman hails from a farm in Kansas and has written several comic book stories including pieces in DC Comics Love is Love and the IF Anthology. His newest series, JUPITER JET, co-written with Ashley Victoria Robinson was praised by IGN as “charming and a great story for anyone who needs more superhero action in their life. In 2019, SCIENCE!, their newest graphic novel will be published by Bedside Press. Prior to becoming a writer, Jason served in the US Army deploying for a year in Iraq.
He has also written for several websites and internet shows including Good Mythical Morning and Honest Trailers. Jason is a frequent guest on Collider Movie Talk and hosted DC All Access for over 3 years. When not posting weekly content on his Youtube channel, Jawiin or hosting his podcast geek History Lesson, Jason can be found hiking the hills of Los Angeles.

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