Dead Hearts, The Realm of Magic, Bird Box… Susanne Lambdin and Genese Davis discuss on The Storyteller Chatcast

Why zombies? Why werewolves? Genese Davis and Susanne Lambdin discuss the realities and fantasies behind our draw to chilling stories like the Dead Hearts novels and movies like Bird Box on the latest episode of The Storyteller Chatcast podcast.



Susanne L. Lambdin is the author of the Dead Hearts series, and The Realm of Magic trilogy, among other published works. Influenced by her love for film, she moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1980s, where she worked at Paramount Pictures to further her writing aspirations. She received a ‘based in part’ screen credit for Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 4, Episode 76, entitled ‘Family’. Annually, she often attends comic, sci-fi, and horror conventions throughout the United States, along with book signings, public appearances, or on podcasts. Living in Kansas with her family and two dogs, her second home is in Colorado where the Dead Hearts series is based. Visit to find an extensive glossary, character bios, team badges, and much more. To contact Susanne and to learn more about her current and upcoming projects, visit



Listen now via your favorite podcast platform such as iTunes and Stitcher, or via the Genese Davis podcast tab:


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