Villain Panel with Genese Davis, Manu Bennett, Chris Avellone… SDCC 2015

SDCC_2015 Panel Collage_Villain


Beloved Villains! Actors, Writers, and Creators Discuss What Makes a Great Villain

Thursday July 9, 2015 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Room 7AB San Diego Comic Con – Comic Con International 2015

A great villain can leave the most lasting impression and memories! Sometimes even more so than a great hero. Why is that? Hear from Genese Davis (writer, The Holder’s Dominion), Manu Bennett (Azog the Difiler,Deathstroke), Chris Avellone (narrative designer), Eric Kieron Davis (senior producer, creative director) and Cody Vaughan (actor, producer) dive in to what makes their villains memorable and how to transform just an average evil character in a rough draft to an epic evil villain in that final manuscript!


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