Awesome Highlights from the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3)

It was both thrilling and inspiring to be a part of the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo and the E3 Takeover. As we tried upcoming games and talked with developers the energy spiraling around fellow gamers, hosts, writers and creators filled the convention hall with an electricity that really resonated with me. How often do we get to collaborate and connect with others who are also pouring so much effort and heart into a genre that’s so near and dear to us? I’d bet not too often. The video game developers I was able to chat with were gamers themselves on a quest to create a great game and a great experience for fellow players. I saw video game creatives who were working their hands to the bone in an effort to make great art and great entertainment. E3 is such a wonderful event opening up opportunities for passionate creatives to share not only what they’re working on but also share feedback on others’ work as well. Huge thanks to the ESA and the whole team of E3 and the E3Takeover for the incredible quest line we took exploring the open-world-zones of E3. Please keep in touch! Find me on Twitter @GeneseDavis, on Instagram and Facebook, and at I’ll see you online, in the next realm!



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