Games, Novels, and Films Panel at St. Louis Comic Con

Where the Synergy of Novels, Film, and Video Games Collide
Transmedia is enhancing multiple platforms across entertainment including literary, film, and gaming. The art of writing, strong narratives, and memorable characters are foundational for these multi-platforms now more than ever. Join special guest speakers, Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion; Prior (Heavy Metal; Spawn the Impaler; Terminator 2: Nuclear Twilight), Jenny Gibbons (Woodsy Studio), and Stuart Keating (Dioxin Dump). These authors, screenwriters, table-top writers, video game narrative writers, and all around creatives will divulge the ins and outs for developing worlds in novels, films, and video games, and where and how their synergy intertwines and collide. Don’t miss this panel on creating dynamic storylines; you’ll be glad you attended!
Room 160
WizardWorld_2015 Panel Collage_StLouis_Collide

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