Rick Dawson Interviews Renegade Author/Video Game Aficionado: Genese Davis



Rick Dawson (Tech Warriorz) Interview Quote:
“Many of us get cash thrown in front of us and all artistic integrity gets thrown out the window, fortunately for the artistic community, there are a select few individuals who don’t fold under the pressure of publishing companies that want silly changes (for the sake of what they feel will “SELL”) to be made, just so that they can try to play the Twilight Angle.

Genese Davis (Author of The Holder’s Dominion and Contributor to MMORPG.com) is an Author, Host, Columnist, and International Speaker who is truly passionate about gaming and didn’t act as one of 400 other women who tried to make Twilight Rip-offs. She wrote a very entertaining book entitled The Holder’s Dominion (details are in the interview), and on top of that she is a long time contributor for MMORPG.com, where she has written some very entertaining/top notch articles. Here is my interview with Genese Davis:

“1) Thank you very much for doing this interview, as you are one of the Titans in the literary and video game industry. :) First off, the million-dollar question…”

– See more at: Tech Warriorz – Interview with Renegade Author/Video Game Aficionado: Genese Davis

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