Genese Davis To Write for McFarland


Author Genese Davis is collaborating with Dr. Urbanski writing a collection on the complex role of rhetorical and social memory in science fiction/fantasy, fandom, and online gaming for McFarland Publisher.


Keep a lookout for more exclusive updates!

Pending her schedule, Genese Davis is available for literary and entertainment contracts

  • Projects such as but not limited to:
    • Writing:
      • Literary Writing
        • Fantasy
        • Sci-fi
        • New Adult
        • Young Adult
        • Action/Adventure
        • Thriller
        • Gamer-lit
      • Video Game |Transmedia Writing
        • Overarching Story Lines & Lore
        • Narrative Design
        • Characterization
        • Species Design & Bestiaries
        • World-building
        • Story Design / Arcs
        • World Building
        • Weapon Design
      • Screenplays
      • Theater Plays
      • Columns
    • Host:
      • TV Shows
      • Web series
      • Talk Shows
      • Podcasts
    • Moderating | Appearances:
      • All types of topics:
        • Writing
        • Video Games
        • Creativity
        • Promotion
        • E-Sports
        • Female Protagonists
        • Storytelling
        • Much more!




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