Next-Gen Video Game Thriller On Sale Now!



The Holder’s Dominion is on sale now till Sunday for only 0.99 cents!

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“Ms. Davis descriptions of the online world of Edannair were so detailed, so beautiful, amazing and intriguing . . . I will definitely recommend ‘The Holder’s Dominion’ to anyone and everyone, not just readers of a genre or videogamers. It is an amazing story that flows beautifully, catches the reader’s interest very quickly and leaves you wanting more. My only question—will there be a sequel?—My Bookish Fairy Tale

“Through Davis’ work, my fledgling relationship with ‘gamer’s lit’ has evolved into a full-blown love affair. . . . The best part about The Holder’s Dominion is the way Davis relates the game playing.  It is a story within a story.  You’re not going to hear about which button she pushed or what happened on Kaylie’s computer screen. . .” —Seacoast Online

“Davis is really good at putting the reader into both worlds effortlessly. You forget that the characters are actually just sitting at computers playing a game rather than truly being within the world of Edannair. The world she has created for the game is very thought out and fully realized that I felt I was reading a fantasy novel instead. Because of this, despite not being familiar with this culture of gamers, I had no problem getting sucked into the story.” —MariReads



Watch the award-winning movie teaser:


Get your copy of The Holder’s Dominion today!

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes




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