Wizard World and Genese Davis Present: Creativity That Lasts

It is my pleasure to present one of the most highly anticipated panels at the St. Louis show!



As an artist, writer, actor, musician or creator, there is nothing more challenging than the development of the creative process. Is art birthed from the spontaneous or is it a result of a carefully crafted rhythm and structure? In this panel, esteemed creators, Rob Prior (Spawn; Deep Space 9; Evil Ernie; Heavy Metal,) Genese Davis (The Holder’s Dominion,) Aaron Dontez Yates (Tech N9ne,) and Eric Kieron (Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft) will describe how to overcome creative obstacles and share their keys to unleashing creativity. 

Wizard World Comic Con brings pop culture to life in a most extraordinary way. By producing these one-of-a-kind conventions across North America, Wizard World celebrates the entertainment industry, bringing together epic fandom, esteemed creators, and breathtaking artwork.

Be sure to stop by the St. Louis show April 4-5-6!


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