Holiday Gaming Traditions

For every holiday there seems to be all kinds of celebrations happening. Friends and family create some pretty awesome under-the-sun-traditions, like having barbeques and family reunions, or going to carnivals, baseball games, and festivals, with those spellbinding firework shows to top it all off.

For those of us who live thousands of miles away from family and friends, our holidays aren’t always booked so thoroughly. Thankfully, MMOs offer a way to create new holiday traditions with our blood brothers and of course with our guild brothers, too, who inevitably become family.

The closeness MMO families share still surprises some people. Maybe because it’s too difficult to describe how it feels to have fellow players rally around each other, supporting one another when we need it most. Or maybe because it’s a magical connection never meant to be explained.

25LichKingKill Loxy WoW Genese Davis

Last year, on July 4th we got to conjure some of this magic for one of our raiders. The story goes like this: Our beloved raider, Rak, loved to talk about Independence Day. Every year, even as early as January he’d start chatting about all that he had planned for July 4th and we’d of course begin teasing him accordingly. He’d clear his throat and say, “I know, I know, but I gotta tell you… This year is gonna be even bigger than last year.” He’d explain to anyone who would listen how he and his brother had made it a tradition to take turns flying across the US on the 4th to see each other at least once a year.

They’d do all the traditional stuff including grilling out the tastiest food, catching the local festivals, and seeing a ball game and fireworks show. For months we’d listen to his excitement as July got closer and closer. A few weeks before the trip, Rak found out his brother had to cancel. For the next few raid nights, Rak was pretty quiet. So our raid group concocted a plan, and on July 4th we went to work. We filled his email with friendly notes, jokes, holiday pics, and I’m pretty sure a papier-mâché penguin even made it to his doorstep, too.

He logged into vent cheery and chatty, and when he appeared in game, we swarmed his avatar and performed an on-the-spot parade, well, more like a really sloppy conga line.  It wasn’t much, but it was the least we could do.

They’ll be times when holidays come and go without even a glimpse of those childhood traditions. But I wouldn’t want to miss a single second of the gaming holiday stories that we’re creating instead.

Over to you! I’d love to hear your holiday gaming traditions.

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One thought on “ Holiday Gaming Traditions

  1. Hi Genese,

    My first and still my favourite MMORPG is without a doubt World of Warcraft. Though I haven’t played in a while (I completely missed MOP) I’m anticipating their next expansion pack – Warlords of Draenor – to reignite my WoW spark.

    That feeling, like I’ve arrived home when logging in is magical. The friends and guild mates who greet/tease me always puts a smile on my face.

    One of the absolute highlights of my WoW experience was doing our “Running of the Bulls” event. Let me explain…

    Having a reasonable sized guild back in the day we would try to come up with novel ideas to “entertain” our recruits. Sure, once in a while we would venture to Tarren Mill to stir up Southshore’s Alliance, and being a well populated server, it didn’t take long before the area was swarming with high level players decked out in brightly coloured armour waging battle. But, we wanted something more, something to call our own.

    The Running of the Bulls – A right of passage.
    I don’t recall where this idea came from but I do recall the thrill and anticipation associated with it. On the first Sunday night at the start of each new season (Winter, Summer etc) all guild mates (especially new recruits) were encouraged to create a level 1 Tauran character with a class of their choosing.

    The Running of the Bulls you see, is a race. It’s a race to see who can get their brand new tauran character from Camp Narache, Mulgore to the gates of Stormwind City, Elwynn Forest first.

    Picture, 50+ level one Taurens running out of Mulgore, through various zones, navigating an ocean to reach the other continent and in the meantime being turned into beef steaks by every creature from miles around (especially in Stranglethorn Vale) ripping them to pieces.

    Imagine the surprise of Alliance players as Elwynn Forest is all of a sudden inundated with low level Taurens making a mad dash for their front gate.

    The moans/groans and laughs we all had over teamspeak was priceless.

    As I was/am an entrepreneur at heart I decided to spice things up with some hefty prizes for the compeditors, including mounts from the AH or a 50k purse to the winner and spot prises.

    It’s without a doubt the funniest experience I’ve had the please of participating in or later when organising.

    I suggest that to anyone reading this, give it a try with your mates/guildies. You won’t be disappointed, in fact I can almost guarantee it will be a huge success and will bring your guild even closer together.

    Liam aka Vilecurses(Warlock)

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