IGR Woman of the Year: Genese Davis

Dylan Zelmer announces iGR’s Person(s) of the Year Award recipients:

“As we continue preparations for 2014, I couldn’t help but reminisce on the fantastic year we’ve had. That’s where our first annual Woman of the Year award recipient comes in.

Woman of the Year: Genese Davis

Genese Davis: Woman of the Year

If you’ve been reading iGR for the past few months, you’ll probably recall a three-part interview that we published featuring acclaimed author Genese Davis. Some time had passed since I’d last corresponded with Davis, but when I began to think about iGR’s Woman of the Year, I couldn’t help but drift in her magnetic direction. As they say, cream always rises to the top. Genese constantly advocates the positive aspects of the games industry. She speaks about the constructive aspects of being a gamer at conventions and trade shows across the country. She’s even funneled her passion for gaming into a successful gamer lit novel called The Holder’s Dominion. We reached out to Genese in advance to notify her that she’d been selected as 2013 Woman of the Year, Davis had this to say:

“I am both honored and overjoyed to receive this award from I Game Responsibly. IGR has been a beacon of inspiration and positive representation in the gaming industry and it’s been my pleasure and privilege to work with such a wonderful organization. It was clear from the very first interactions with IGR that we share many of the same goals. We want to show the ingenuity and enhancement games can bring to our lives. Whether it is engaging story, stunning visuals, or intuitive gameplay, games enable us to find the hero within, discover hope, and collaborate in our passion. With all my heart, I give my sincerest thanks to IGR for this award.”

Genese is the type of gamer that you point to when someone doesn’t understand the merit of the gaming industry. Her upbeat and encouraging attitude make her one of the most unforgettable people I’ve met since becoming involved in gaming; and that’s why she’s iGR’s 2013 Woman of the Year.”


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