Deluvian Games

Deluvian Games

Deluvian Games is a video game developer found in the gamer lit novel, The Holder’s Dominion.

As a leading video game developer creating premium video games for players all over the world, Deluvian Games has proven itself a highly acclaimed developer for next-generation video games. The company’s widely popular MMO, Edannair, won this year’s IEN People’s Choice Award for Game of the Year.


Arrowhead Mountains: one of the largest vistas found in Edannair. Artwork by Fabio Barretta Zungrone.

 Visit the Delvian Games Official Webpage:

The Holder’s Dominion:

The Holders Dominion_Book Cover_ImageAfter her father’s death on a mountain rescue mission, Kaylie Ames watched her family shatter. She fled Tacoma for college in faraway Austin, figuring that even the worst campus drama would be a relief. But when her old friend Elliott turns up on his knees in the grocery store aisle, raving about something called a morphis, Kaylie feels compelled to enter Elliott’s unfamiliar world.

 Guided by Elliott and his friends, Kaylie signs on to the massively popular online game Edannair. There she discovers a world of beautiful vistas and magical creatures, where people from all over the globe step into the roles of warriors on fantastical quests. But a real-world evil threatens the players: the mysterious Holder, leader of the elite team known as Sarkmarr, is coercing his followers into traumatic offline dares known as “morphis assignments.” To save her friends, Kaylie must infiltrate Sarkmarr and survive the Holder’s tests. Will she find the courage there to hold her real-world family together?



About the author:

Genese Davis at Comic-Con

Genese Davis is an American author, host, columnist, and video game personality. Davis is a thought-leader in video game culture and its social development. Through her passion for the art community, she demonstrates how team-based video games like MMORPGs affect our lives and the new place video games have in fiction and other forms of media. Davis lives in Irvine, California, where she advocates for her other passion, animal rescue. Stay in touch! Website | Facebook | Twitter



The Holder’s Dominion team created transmedia websites to extend the experience of the novel beyond the final page. Visionaries like Brian HornCandace JordanEric Kieron Davis and Justin D. Talbott extended Holder’s Dominion through book trailerscharacter videoswebsites, and social media.


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