World Science Fiction Convention (WorldCon)

World Science Fiction Convention Genese Davis

I’m excited to see all of you attending WorldCon in San Antonio, TX, this weekend! I’ll be a speaker and moderator on several panels, as well as signing autographs. I’ll also be featured in the “Stroll with the Stars” event on Sunday. Below is the current schedule with more to come soon!


About WorldCon:

The Worldcon℠, or World Science Fiction Convention, is the annual convention of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS). The five day long event has been held each year since 1939 with the exception of four years during World War II. Locations have included the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, England, Scotland, Germany, and The Netherlands. Science fiction and fantasy fans travel from all over the world to attend, including Japan, Israel, Argentina, Brazil, Norway, Finland, Croatia, New Zealand, and Russia.

The Hugo Awards are presented at a highlighted ceremony. The awards themselves are nominated and voted upon by the members of the Worldcon.

Other highlights of the Worldcon Program have included Nobel Prize winners, astronauts, scientists, writers, editors, publishers, artists, and fans.

This year’s WorldCon will be in San Antonio, Texas, deeming it Lone Star Con!


Next year WorldCon will be in London, England



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