Genese Davis at E3

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo at the LA Convention Center showcased some amazing video games! E3 generates exciting video game news that often becomes the catalyst for weeklong discussions. That’s always a highlight for me when attending these events. While my group and I scoped out the convention center, the following questions started stirring up conversation: Is the aspect of an MMO displayed at conventions indicative of the focus of the developer? And can we speculate the success of that game based on that focus?

This topic began when we marveled at how much work goes into planning out an event of this magnitude. Many of the same members of my group have exhibited at Wondercon and Comic-Con with me, and understand the pressure to prep, set up, and present. It’s pretty draining to say the least, and so we are always in awe of the work developers put in to their displays at conventions like E3.

How do MMO developers decide what aspect of their game they’ll showcase at an expo? Do the developers only show what’s ready to show? Find out more in my latest column: “MMOs at Expos” at

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