Genese Davis Hosts Pixel Vision by Pixel Legends

Pixel Legends presents their newest web series: Pixel Vision—with me as the host!

The début episode—The Gamer In Youdiscussed the importance of understanding what “Gamer” really means and why we need to redefine this term. Watch episode 1 here.

Now, episode 2—Interactive Storytelling—is live! Join the discussion about how video games differ from every other form of entertainment. It is only in video games that audiences are allowed to… Wait! You know what? I’m too excited! Watch the video and you will be finishing my sentence! 😉

More about Pixel Legends:

pixel_legends_the_pixel_podcast_pixel_visionIn 2011, Matt Atkinson founded Pixel Legends to bring gaming audiences exclusive coverage for conventions such as E3 and Comic-Con. Later that year, Andrew DeZarn and Ethan Hawkes joined Matt to introduce a creative outlet for entertaining, critical writings about video games, and gaming archetypes. Now the crew extends their unique look into the world of video games with Genese Davis as their Pixel Vision host.

Pixel Legends review console and PC games, with an emphasis on strategy games, platformers and western RPGs. Being all writers themselves, the PL crew love a good story and look for video games where the writing is stellar, even if the gameplay falls below par. The PL crew also spends a lot of time trying out indie games and loves supporting independent developers!

More about Genese Davis:



Author, host, and columnist Genese Davis is a thought-leader in video game culture and its social development. Through her passion for the art community, Davis demonstrates how team-based video games like MMORPGs affect our lives and the new place video games have in fiction and other forms of media. Davis lives in Irvine, California, where she advocates for her other passion, animal rescue. To learn more, connect here: Website | Facebook | Twitter


3 thoughts on “Genese Davis Hosts Pixel Vision by Pixel Legends

  1. Genese: Great information. You know about so many games! Interesting and captivating!

    On Tue, Apr 9, 2013 at 5:37 PM, Between Books

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