Professional Gamer Reviews The Holder’s Dominion

Professional gamers are profoundly talented and tenacious. It is such a delight to present the review of the new gamer fiction, The Holder’s Dominion, by world-renowned #1 US ranked professional gamer, Timothy Mitchell.

The Holders Dominion_Book Cover_ImageThe Holder’s Dominion was a very good read, and really makes one look forward to the further development and potential of the author. In particular, her ability to start a story and launch the reader into a fast moving plot is really exceptional. The intensity and intricacies in the dynamics of a family struggling to cope with loss, and the echoes and reverberation of loss were expressed very well. I personally found The Holder’s Dominion to be very eye opening. It revealed a way of experiencing a unique set of circumstances such that they became constituent parts of an alchemical sort of formulation that blended loss, hope, rebirth, fantasy, frustration and wanting to take positive action and make things right, combined with the humility to admit one does not always see everything around them perfectly the first time. It’s wonderful food for thought for a run afterwards, or a long walk.”

—Timothy Mitchell, professional gamer

Read more about Timothy Mitchell’s views on raiding and MMORPGs here. Congratulations Timothy on all your US and world rankings!


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