James Waugh Endorses Author Genese Davis

It is my pleasure to present the extremely talented writer, James Waugh:


James began his inspiring career analyzing stories for the world renowned Scott Free Productions which led him to become an executive for Suntaur Entertainment. In addition to writing for film, books, TV, comic series and new media, Waugh is also the Senior Story Developer and Lead Writer for the renowned video game company, Blizzard Entertainment, whose credits include a myriad of award-winning titles in Starcraft and Warcraft. Alongside Waugh’s legendary colleague, Micky Neilson, this dynamic writing duo have produced titles such as World of Warcraft: Curse of the Worgen and Diablo III: Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls.

What an honor it is to announce that James Waugh endorsed author Genese Davis and her writing for the newly released novel, The Holder’s Dominion:

About The Holder’s Dominion:

Transforming the representation of the video game industry worldwide, The Holder’s Dominion is the only new gamer fiction of its kind. Following a newcomer to the world of online role-playing games, this book sidesteps stereotypes and reveals a tight-knit community facing a very real threat.

Davis brings her own online experiences and insider knowledge to a story that engages dedicated players and non-gamers alike in Kaylie’s quest to protect the ones she loves from a power-hungry manipulator. Along the way she realizes that the problems she hoped to forget are right there in her escapist fantasy—but so are the solutions. This fast-paced story aims to bridge the gap between families and friends of gamers who wonder about the allure behind their loved ones’ fascination with video games.


About the Author:

Genese Davis graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in English. She is the author of The Holder’s Dominion, a new adult gaming novel heralded as a breakthrough story by Publishers Weekly. Davis is also the owner of The Gamer In You, an online movement offering new meaning to the word ‘gamer.’ As a thought leader in video game culture and its social development, Davis aims to bridge the gap between families and friends of gamers who wonder about the allure behind their loved ones’ fascination with video games. She lives in Irvine, California, where she advocates for her other passion: animal rescue.

Thank You, James! The entire team at Genese Davis Books is thrilled to have your excitement and enthusiasm for The Holder’s Dominion. You are a truly inspiring and prolific writer who continually brings the world so many wonderful stories! Your enticing worlds and characters continue to capture and inspire us.


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