Who’s Behind The Holder’s Dominion Book Trailer?

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It is a personal honor to present the cast and crew for The Holder’s Dominion book trailer:

For your outstanding work as directors, your pro-active and relentless vision to see only the best final frame possible, to Brian Horn and Eric Kieron Davis, thank you!

For your incredible visual effects, amazing camera work, and knack for cinematography, Justin D. Talbott, thank you!

For your passion and astute grasp for the online world of Edannair which produced a breathtaking matte painting, to Fabio Barretta Zungrone, thank you!

For your impeccable artistry in style, hair, make-up, and wardrobe, to Dayna Soliday, thank you!

For fulfilling everything in between such as acting, grip, and props, to Rick Reischman, thank you!

For your amazing work in sound design, to Nathan Maas, thank you!

For your intricate ability to understand and enhance color, to Geordie Swainbank, thank you!

For the moving score that we can’t help but listen to over and over, Omar Fadel, thank you!

For your amazing acting talents and astounding VO, Jessica Shaffer, Scott Blake, Caitlin Glass, and Anthony Bowling thank you!

And special thanks for your support to Ray Sharp, Kara Edwards, Angela Blake, Four Day Weekend, and FUNimation!

To all the cast and crew for The Holder’s Dominion teaser trailer, you are the collaborators who make it possible for artwork to soar. Cheers! Sit back, relax, and marvel at your epic book trailer:


4 thoughts on “Who’s Behind The Holder’s Dominion Book Trailer?

  1. That trailer was amazing!! I was already totally in love with the book, but the trailer just fueled the fire!! Wonderful cinematography, beautiful scenery, the acting was very well done!! Definitely something for everyone involved to be proud of. Your work will inspire people to read the book!!
    Thanks for sharing this; I was curious.

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