Artist Spotlight: Candace Jordan

Artists uncover gems hidden amidst their soul and offer them to the world.


Today’s featured artist is Candace Jordan. Candace is an extremely gifted artist and graphic designer. She has a way of taking an idea and infusing it with vibrant authenticity. She produces high quality artwork that really shines. Candace has also been playing the cello for nineteen years now and has played with many classical and non-classical ensembles. Tattoo design is another of her favorite passions. Here are some examples of her work:

This week I got to sit down with Candace, where she highlighted what inspires her and what she’s working on now. Take a look!

1. What do you love most about artwork and design?

Candace Jordan: The stories behind them!  Whether it’s a client’s story or a story I make up myself, I love to hear, create, and to tell the story through art.

2. What has been your most memorable piece of artwork or design project?

Candace Jordan: The most memorable would have to be this massive wall piece project for a friend of mine.  It was a major headache, but came out really well (if I do say so myself).  Once some final Sumi-eUP_Candace_Jordan_Deluvian_Gamestweaks are made, the piece (which is actually two pieces) will be printed and mounted on the wall! While maybe not my favorite piece I’ve ever done, I’ll certainly always remember it!  As for favorites, the tattoos I have done and am working on for both myself and my friends have all been a lot of fun.

3. How would you describe your ideal artwork goals?

Candace Jordan: I’m honestly not sure where my art will lead me.  For now, I am happy bringing peoples’ ideas to life through commissions and tattoo projects, but I’d love to one day get involved in conceptual work for video games and movies.

4. If you could change two things in the artistic world would you change anything?

Candace Jordan: I would magically end all art stealing, digital or otherwise.  And possibly remove certain modern “art” pieces.  Seriously, a curtain hanging in a threshold does not represent the transition of our souls from this life to the next—it’s just a curtain.

5. How do you prepare for a design or concept session when starting your artwork?

Candace Jordan: Most of the art I do is tattoo design which usually involves a chat with the individual requesting the art and some discussion regarding placement, size, color/black and white, and, if applicable, back story for the reason they’re getting the tattoo.  In all art cases, I love hearing about the story behind the art request because it helps my “creative juices” to flow—plus, I love a good story! After an initial consultation, I put on some Red vs. Blue for background noise and get to work! I’ve learned that I create my best work when I’m not fixating on it, so having a movie or music going on in the background or going for a drive helps me get ideas going.

6. What’s been your most challenging art project to date?

Candace Jordan: The previously mentioned wall piece.  As much as I enjoy the (nearly) finished project, I really can’t stress how difficult it was to work on!  So many failed trial and error attempts, so many different concepts and techniques, and so, so many mistakes made.

7. What are you working on right now?

Candace Jordan: Currently, I’m prepping the wall piece for printing as well as working on about half a dozen tattoo designs, including a massive back piece and my own half sleeves.

8. How can people follow you and all that you’re doing?

Candace Jordan: For now, most of my art is on my personal Facebook page and some of my favorites are on my Deviant Art page (  If you’re looking for design consultation, send me an email:

Genese DavisI personally worked with Candace to create some crucial logos to extend the experience of my novel, The Holder’s Dominion. Thank you, Candace. You are such a pleasure to work with, you’re an incredibly talented artist, and your graphic designs are phenomenal. You gave the video game developer, Deluvian Games, and the MMO, Edannair, a way to leap off the page and exist in the real world, beyond the novel. Now, every reader will be able to live The Holder’s Dominion outside the book! Readers, click on and and see for yourself! 😉 Thank you for sharing some insights behind your artwork and graphic design, Candace!

Artwork can cause involuntary emotions such as fear, nostalgia, hope, conviction, and admiration. The artist possesses the potential to impact—to really move the primal core of every human being. And artists offer this power as gifts to the world. Even though their artwork is an extension of themselves, artists accept the risk and selflessly share anyway, without regard for their own protection. How can we ever thank them enough for their bravery?

Fellow Netizens, It’s Your Turn! Which Artists Inspire You?


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