Billy Cain’s Review: The Holder’s Dominion by Genese Davis

Press Release


Gaming Industry Veteran Reviews The Holder’s Dominion:


The Holder’s Dominion is a must-read for gamers. Davis has created an unusual and gripping college experience that highlights how video games can actually help people deal with issues in their real lives. My secret hope is that her strong heroine’s experiences in such a rich video game world inspires more women to enter the game industry and make a game that can be this immersive and life-changing.”

—Billy Cain, vice-chairman, International Game Developers Association – Austin

Developer’s Bio

Billy Cain is a veteran in the video game industry; he got his start at ORIGIN Systems, Inc. in 1992. Origin_logo_1990s_Billy_Cain The first day he went to work was the day that Electronic Arts bought Origin. He worked on SNES titles (Ultima VII: The Black GateWorlds of Ultima: The Savage EmpireWing Commander II), before he was asked to help Electronic Arts UK complete the first EA Sports Rugby title Rugby World Cup 95 on the SEGA Genesis. Billy was also a lead designer on Wing Commander: Prophecy.

After ORIGIN, Billy became a producer at Kinesoft Development, and led a team working on Crimson Order which received great press attention. Following Kinesoft, Billy co-founded the development studio BigSky Interactive, Inc. in May 2002 and completed a next-gen title for PS2 and GC: SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman as an external developer for THQ.Critical_Mass_Interactive_Billy_Cain

In early 2003, Billy co-founded another development studio and outsource company called Critical Mass Interactive, and went on to co-found Sneaky Games in 2009.Sneaky_Games_Billy_Cain

Sneaky Games released Fantasy Kingdoms on Facebook in April of 2010. Billy was the executive producer and lead designer of Fantasy Kingdoms while he served as the CCO until August of 2011. He now leads a team at FastPath Learning, an educational software company serving Supplemental Education Services students across the United States.

You can catch up with Billy at video game developer conferences, like E3, where he frequently gives talks, or at colleges and other academic venues. Billy is currently the vice-chairman of the Austin IGDA, and believes that you should get involved with fixing the industry if you want to make it a better place.

Games Credited

My deepest thanks goes out to Billy Cain. Billy, your impact and positive influence over the gaming industry has helped better the gaming world. I’m so excited that you enjoyed The Holder’s Dominion. Thank you, Billy Cain!




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