Howie’s Game Shack: Interview with Howie


Howie’s Game Shack has invented a new form of interactive entertainment, and is introducing social gaming as never experienced before.

The first time I stepped foot into Howie’s Game Shack, I was instantly blown away. Howie’s offers more than I could ever imagine for the picture perfect place to game. Not only does Howie’s hold events every week for every type of gamer, but also Howie’s is equipped with the friendliest staff, hot, tasty food, and an impeccably clean and upscale facility. Whether for casual or hardcore game-play, birthday parties, or competitive events, everyone will find their niche at Howie’s Game Shack.

And this week I got to sit down with the gaming master; the innovative visionary behind this amazing place; the owner and founder, Mr. Howard Makler.

When sitting down with Howard, I started with my favorite question: When did your passion for gaming begin?


Monster Xbox Alley

Howard explained that as a kid he started playing games at eleven or twelve years old—he had a Coleco Vision, one of the first consoles on the market, and his favorite game was Breakout. He also had one of the very first Apple computers and loved it!

At a computer camp in lake Tahoe, Howard found inspiration through camp counselors like legendary video game developer, Richard Garriott. And as Howard got older he looked to Nolan Bushnell, a founding father in the video game industry who founded companies like Atari and Chuck E. Cheese.

Before founding Howie’s Game Shack, Howard created and led a real estate surplus company for fifteen years, but he always made time for gaming. In fact, it was during a LAN (Local Area Network) party with his friends that the idea for Howie’s Game Shack struck. Why can’t there be a place with Monster drinks, hot pizza, and video games where we can all play together without having to haul our equipment around? Howard thought. That question laid the foundation for Howie’s Game Shack.


Endless Rows of Computers

I asked Howard what obstacles he faced when founding Howie’s. He said that the beginning was difficult because there was no track record, and certain stereotypes do exist in the world of video games. But the truth and core of the matter is that video games are the fabric of our youth, and by and large, video games improve and enhance our lives. Games bring people together in merriment, unlike any other type of entertainment. Howard quoted Nolan Bushnell saying, “Despite what some may have you believe, games exist to bring us together.”


Howie’s Front Corridor

My final question for Howard: What’s in store for Howie’s Game Shack?

“Growth!” Howard said. “We want to grow and expand to more areas!”

And there you have it. Led by a team of incredible, heartfelt individuals, Howie’s Game Shack will exceed your expectations and give you and your family an epic experience.

Special thanks to Rick, Brad, and Howard: Through your passion, dedication, and commitment to enhance our communities, you’ve created a business model that every company would be happy to emulate. Thank you for creating a home away from home, perfect for every gamer.


3 thoughts on “Howie’s Game Shack: Interview with Howie

  1. Wow simply amazing, just looking at makes my mouth drop. Why is it all the cool and interesting places in the west coast? >.<

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