Artist Spotlight: Cody Vaughan

The art of filmmaking is wondrous. From all over the world, individuals pour their energy and soul into the creation of film. They share with us their art and vision for storytelling. It is my pleasure to be able to spotlight one of these artists, Cody Vaughan. Located in the sunny state of California, Cody brings to life the carefully crafted words of a screenplay. Through his innate talent and incredible ability to embody a character, it is exciting to spotlight Cody’s artistic talent as an actor.


Cody Vaughan

This week I got to sit down with Cody to talk about the art of acting, what inspires him to invoke character from the page, and his future projects. Here’s a peek inside our conversation:


1. What do you love most about acting?

Cody Vaughan: The thing that I love the most about acting is that I get to become somebody completely different from myself.  It is exciting to bring someone to life onscreen that can impact the audience and hopefully inspire people in a positive way.

2. In the past two years, what have been your most memorable or favorite acting roles?

Cody Vaughan: In the past two years, one of my most memorable acting roles was on an online web series entitled “BlackBox TV”.  It was a two-day shoot in which I was cast as a seemingly innocent character who had a much darker side.  The shoot itself was exhausting due to filming literally all night, but it was a thrill to play a character that I had typically not played prior to this.  You can check out the episode at this link:


3. How would you describe your ideal role?

Cody Vaughan: This is a difficult question because I am striving to have a broad range, playing many different types of characters.  My preference is something dramatic, and I love characters that are very conflicted internally.  These types of characters are fascinating to me due to their complex nature.

4. If you could change two things in the acting world, what would they be?

Cody Vaughan: If I could change two things in the acting world, I would first change the fast paced and workaholic nature of the industry. I think a lot of times, movies are rushed and it compromises the end product.  And there are crazy hours which I feel leads to a lot of burnout for cast and crew.  I think you would obtain better results if things slowed down and gave people more time to breathe.  Granted, that is not always possible due to the nature of film, but I think that could be improved.

Second, I would change the aversion to risk-taking on younger actors.  What I mean by that is that it is often more difficult for a young actor to get a break in the industry because no one wants to take a risk on an unknown or less experienced actor.  There is a ton of unrecognized talent out there.

5. How do you prepare for a role?

Cody Vaughan: I like to prepare for a role by coming up with a back story for the character so there is more depth.  Also, one thing I have done is watch other movies or tv shows that have characters which fit the style of my character.  Honestly, I try not to over think it but just get a feel for who the character is and then just play and let the character come out organically.

6. What’s been your most challenging role to date?

Cody Vaughan: I would say my most challenging role would probably be for a web series I recently worked on called “La Verdad: Beginnings”.  The challenging thing about this role is that the character is very emotionally walled off, which requires a performance full of subtleties instead of obvious emotion.  I had to work on keeping myself more reserved, but still have the emotion and conflict going on internally.  Check out the episode at this link:


7. What are you working on right now?

Cody Vaughan: I am currently acting in and producing the web series I mentioned above, “La Verdad: Beginnings”.  You can check out the Facebook page at:

I also have a few different projects going on behind the scenes, which I can’t talk about yet, but I’m excited about them!

8. How can people follow you and keep up with all that you’re doing?

Cody Vaughan: There are different ways people can follow me!

Supporting artists is a huge passion of mine. Make sure you check out Cody Vaughan’s work. He is dedicated, loyal, and unconditionally selfless. And even beyond the high caliber of his professionalism, Cody is courteous, kind and refreshingly positive. He is someone you can’t help but smile around. Filmmakers are fortunate to work with such passion and talent. Thanks for your time, Cody!


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