Genese Davis in Publishers Weekly

publishers-weekly_Genese_DavisHi all, I’m Eric, the producer for Genese Davis. I’m really excited to be guest blogging today because I have fantastic news that merits truly special congratulations. This week it’s my pleasure to announce that Genese Davis was published in Publishers Weekly!

Publishers Weekly has carried the tagline, “The International News Magazine of Book Publishing and Bookselling” and is one of the most renowned and impactful magazines today. Published continuously since 1872, Publishers Weekly is the most influential magazine covering the publishing world.

And on January 21st, 2013, Publishers Weekly published a full-length article by Genese Davis! The article titled, “Overcoming the YA Obsession: A debut author sticks to her new adult guns” features Davis’s new adult novel, THE HOLDER’S DOMINION. In the article Davis pinpoints how “Beyond our high school days are powerful new adult stories that begin and blossom in our late teens and early 20s.”

To read more you can purchase the January 21st issue, “Is Work Killing You?” for $8.00 on the Publishers Weekly site (click here). You can also subscribe to their e-magazine on most major devices.

The entire Genese Davis Books’ team is ecstatic and we are really looking forward to March 1st, 2013, when THE HOLDER’S DOMINION debuts.

Congratulations Genese Davis on your novel and getting featured in Publishers Weekly!




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