Live the Experience, Dare to Empathize

Empathizing with all levels of entertainment will change the experience.Peacock Eye by Diego Camejo

Even though we can become desensitized by the amount of entertainment around us, there is a way that we can experience movies or books the way we did when we were kids. We only need to remember these 5 tips.

Be open:

Before settling in to watch a movie, or before turning that first page of a book, begin your experience with a completely open mind.

Just for a moment, assume it is real:

Let yourself get lost in the experience. Assume everything you are seeing or hearing is 100% real. Believe, genuinely, that it can and is happening.

Believe it can happen:

Let the technical, rigid, and analytical impulses disappear. Gravity, laws of physics, space-time continuum… everything is okay to break today. Let the fantasy world have its moment to be alive—be real.

Empathize with others:

Put yourself in their shoes. Feel what they feel. Imagine all the gritty details. Empathize with what they are going through during every gripping second. Take the time needed to empathize. Imagine the same thing is happening to you. You are not a spectator taking notes. You are there. You are them. You are the hero, the enemy, the victim. What does that feel like?

Allow yourself to be moved:

Allow yourself to be swept away with the music, the words, the passion, the insanity, the love, and provocation. Allow yourself to feel the experience. No one is looking. And if they are, they are admiring your ability to empathize.

I believe he who can relate and imagine himself in any world, and as any person, will elevate beyond all boundaries. He will be most admired and revered for he will know us and love us as intimately as we know and love ourselves.

The Challenge! On your next lark, lay all your cards on the table. Don’t hold yourself back as a spectator or a judge. Dive in as one of the pieces in the puzzle. How are you affected as each second plays out?

Experience life with that bright, new feeling of discovery, every day.

Photo by Diego Camejo



4 thoughts on “Live the Experience, Dare to Empathize

  1. I have such a hard time with this. The amount of entertainment available makes it hard to not just critique but this is a great lesson. Thank you for the wonderful tips. =) I’ll try this next time for sure!

  2. Often I stand back and “look “at the world and its events and people and just “watch.” Your tips will enhance this experience. Thank you!

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