Damien Boath, host for the Australian radio podcast Newbie Writers, invited me to be a guest on his show! Live from Australia, Episode 60 emerged: The Dominion of Writing and Gaming

It was a pleasure meeting Damien. He is both clever and delightful. It was an honor to be his guest and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. We unveiled some pretty savory secrets about The Holder’s Dominion, writing tips for authors, caffeinated books, caffeinated writing, how to keep your book from getting shelved, gaming and more!

Listen to the show!

Read Damien’s synopsis of the show!

Genese Davis Gaming

Have you ever wondered why your spouse plays video games? What about your children, or friends, grandchildren, or co-workers? If you know someone who plays games, you’ve probably wondered what in the world is the draw to gaming? Damien and I dive into the crucial reasons behind why friends, family, co-workers, and classmates play games. We discuss how The Holder’s Dominion (a speculative thriller novel) shows behind-the-scenes insights to why people of all ages play games, and what is behind the draw in gaming. Ultimately, this book will give you the means to connect and relate to the gamers in your life.




4 thoughts on “Podcast Features THE HOLDER’S DOMINION

  1. The big draw to gaming is the ability to immerse yourself in a different world, but still have the ability to socialise with a wide gamut of people. All from the comfort of your home/office/the bus.

    Thanks for the kind words Genese! It was a delight having you on.

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