The Holder’s Dominion: Cover Reveal

Book covers offer the spark that ignite the beginning of a relationship.

When we read, we are transported to an intimate portrait—to the spaces between lovers, to childhood innocence, to the primal instincts of fear and rage. In a book, we don’t feel as though we are spectators. We are there with each character, standing next to heroes, and fleeing with fugitives. Books allow us to experience secrets that would otherwise remain hidden, and from them we ourselves evolve.

And how extraordinary that these relationships begin with that first glance—that single solitary moment when that magnificent book cover catches our eye.

I am deeply honored to share the breathtaking book cover for my debut novel, The Holder’s Dominion


The Holder's Dominion Genese Davis Cover Art

Visit The Holder’s Dominion Official Page

The cover art is a distinctive painting by none other than the incredibly talented artist, Fabio Barretta Zungrone. He hand painted the entire cover art digitally. Unlike other cover artist painters who conduct photo shoots first, Zungrone had no actors to paint from. He did it all pulling from his own talent. Zungrone is an award-winning painter from Italy.

I feel privileged to know Fabio not only because of his powerfully moving artwork, but also because of the way he inspires everyone around him. He is genuine, warm, charismatic, and most empathetic. To visit his website, click here.

Cover art is a book’s passport, and this cover art gives my every word a face to meet the world.



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