The Ultimate Team Sport

What is a Team Sport?

“A team sport includes any sport which involves players working together towards a shared objective.

A team sport is an activity in which a group of individuals, on the same team, work together to accomplish an ultimate goal which is usually to win. Team members set goals, make decisions, communicate, manage conflict, and solve problems in a supportive, trusting atmosphere in order to accomplish their objectives.”

This definition from the Wikipedia pinpoints exactly what team sports entail. These attributes are fundamental for sports such as hockeyfootballAmerican footballbasketballbaseball, and—my personal favorite team sport—Massive Multiplayer Online Games.

Yes! That’s right! MMOGs are video games that are also team sports!

For example, raiding in World of Warcraft is extremely competitive. Not only do raiding teams set goals, make decisions, and solve problems, but they achieve many challenges by trusting and working together.

Tens of millions of people play MMOGs. Think about how much competition that is for one sports team of let’s say twenty-five players. Twenty-five players against thousands of other teams of twenty-five all competing against each other to rank. Talk about the ultimate team sport!

  • NFL: 32 teams x 53-man roster = 1,696 players
  • NBA: 30 teams x 12-man (minimum) roster = 360 players
  • NHL: 30 teams X 23-man (minimum) roster = 690 players
  • MLB: 30 teams x 25-man (minimum) roster = 750 players
  • World Cup: 204 teams x 23-man roster = 4,692 players
  • Indian Premier Cricket League: 9 teams x 33-man roster = 297 players
  • National Rugby League: 16 teams x 25-man (minimum) roster = 400 players
  • World of Warcraft Raids: 61,000 teams x 25-man roster = 1,525,000 players

As you can see, no other sports have to compete against that many opponents. That is why when we rank in an MMOG it is a huge accomplishment, and deserves more than just a little praise.

I dedicate this blog to all raiding teams and to our sport, MMOGs.

A special congratulations to my raiding mates on all our rankings, and cheers to hopefully more in the future! Here’s a slide show with screen shots that show some of our stats!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is my belief that no one should ever be ribbed for playing video games. Video games offer great ingenuity, and a supportive, trusting atmosphere where teams can accomplish goals. I hope this post helps shift gaming into a new perspective. Gamers are passionate individuals who are interested in team based activities, social interaction, healthy competition, creativity, art, and new technology. All these things are found in games. And everyone is very passionate about at least one of these. Gamers are successful, free-thinking, brilliant people who have diverse interests in many things and who can never be categorized or stereotyped.

Genese Davis


Have you ever seen one of these tenacious competitors compete? What are your thoughts?






5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Team Sport

  1. I’ve been on both sides of it having played a lot of athletic sports and also played an MMO competitively. I can say at the higher end of the spectrum there really are a lot of comparisons in terms of the strategies, player development/evaluation, and overall group management and coordination. Even things like player recruit have a lot of similarities if you compared collegiate athletics to guild recruitment. I think eSports are every bit as exciting and fun, if not more!, as any athletic sports.

  2. Completely different, you have to compare the physical aspect. Sport will be more physically demanding, therefore stragetic will defer.

    I think you are on to a good point here, however I do not see how they compare.

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