Legendary Moment

A moment that I’ll remember forever…

I would like to thank all the wonderful friends who were a part of this day. Without you all, none of it would have been possible.Genese Davis Loxy Server First Legendary

It was September 2011, but I remember the moment as if it was yesterday. Autumn was on our doorstep. For weeks we’d practiced. Twenty-five members made up our team. And all twenty-five of us gathered every Tuesday night. Our only equipment: dedication, determination, and the resolve that we’d overcome anything that lay before us. Minutes became hours struggling over battle strategies and hours became days. If we wiped we’d go back and start over again. No matter what, we always went back. We never faltered to show up every week with the drive and commitment to finish what we’d started, hardmodes and all.

Before the Mists of Pandaria expansion in World of Warcraft, Blizzard announced that they would forge a new legendary weapon, special just for us—a staff! Fellow casters and I cheered.

Dedicated casters in our raid worked tirelessly together. We studied our talents, practiced our rotations, and when Firelands was released and the raid leaders announced we would be going after the server-first legendary achievement all conversations ceased. We took a breath, tasting the moment. Could we do it? Would we one day hold the server-first legendary weapon achievement? The idea drove us. We worked harder than before, dedicating more time and more resolve to down every raid boss, hardmodes and all. And one night, after months of following quest lines, forging relics, carrying fire, dancing between lava, it happened. We downed the last boss, I collected the last of the Smouldering Essences, turned in the final quest, and an achievement bar populated on my screen. Server-first legendary weapon achievement, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest!

Even though new raiding tiers will release and new legendary weapons will be forged, this legendary moment belongs to me and my team. We can own it forever, look back, smile, and raise our glasses to our collaborative efforts. This is a huge part of what makes raiding with friends in online games so special. Our events in game are celebrated like major real life events outside of the game. They are just as special, just as sentimental, because acquaintances become friends and friends become family. Everyone in the raiding team works together toward common goals and celebrate when we achieve them. It’s awesome. I feel very honored to have been a part of the raiding team called Girl Problems. They were with me when I got the server-first legendary, and without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

Raiding is a unique sport. Its inspiring challenges push and evolve us. To every raiding team I’ve gotten to know: you guys offered the experience and guidance for me to grow and continue getting better at shadowpriesting. And I couldn’t be more grateful. Assassin Nation, Pandora, Epinicion, Overwhelming, Knights of Arcadia, Girl Problems, Gag Reflex, Fear Engine… (and any other group I’m missing) you guys are incredible, free-thinking, brilliant, inspiring, kindred spirits. You are the best kind of friends anyone could ask for. Thank you for sharing so many fun-filled moments with me, and I look forward to so many more to come!

XOXO, Loxy (aka Genese)

P.S. One of our raiding mates wrote a short story about that night. Here it is:

Associated Press

Woman on a Flying Dragon Devours Stormwind.

Written by: Wildclaw

In a surprise move late Tuesday night, a translucent woman named Loxy was spotted astride a giant dragon hovering over the Stormwind Cathedral, accompanied by high-pitched screams of delight emanating all over the area. City officials were baffled. Commerce in the trade and dwarven districts came to a halt as some speculated that the pair intended to destroy us all. “I ain’t never seen no dragon that huge before”, said Auctioneer McCallifer. Citizens were urged to stay out of the beast’s way so as not to antagonize it further.

“We don’t know why it chose our town, but frankly, this entire night has been a bit disconcerting,” said a local businessman.

King Varian Wrynn assured the public that the woman nor the dragon posed any threat but that his mighty biceps could handle it if need be. However, some citizens argued in a trading forum whether this spelled doom for us all or not. Others openly discussed that people concerned about the enormous dragon should “get a life”. They were summarily ignored.

A source at local mens’ club, Knights of Arcadia, released a statement regarding the high-pitched screams. “We regret any inconvenience this may have caused to the sleep of our fellow citizens. We assure you, those were yelps of joy, and this gigantic dragon and the woman who rides it poses no immediate threat that we are aware of. Grats, Loxy!”

A short while later, the woman matching the description of the suspect in the sky was seen dancing in the Dwarven District. Slung casually over her back was a fine-ass [Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest].

–Article Comments Below–

[Kapulani]: Grats to Loxy! A+++++ to the Associated Press! Would read again!

[Mortainus]: Hey Grats, Loxy on the Staff

[Furtim]: Grats to Loxy, and nice bit of RP there, Wild.

[Khadys]: First of all, grats, Loxy! on your staff! Per wowprogress, that legendary moved her up really far on gear rankings! (See Picture Below)

Genese Davis Loxy WoW Progress



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