Title Reveal!

How often do we get to reveal the titles for our new books? Not often, right? It takes years to write books, but only a few short seconds to reveal the title! So, it’s truly exciting to take the next few seconds to share with you the title of my debut novel:


Wow! I can finally say it out loud. For over two years I’ve been working on this novel tirelessly—a day would become a daze working eighteen hours straight writing and editing. What a tremendous feat! Fellow artists: virtual hugs and cheers all around, for every day we dug deep inside ourselves to find just the right word eighty thousands times until we finished our stories. Then our editors had us working double time, and the proofreader too! Until finally, our publishers tell us the book is done!

Thank you all for sharing this moment with me. Fellow artists, supporters, family, friends, and wonderful internet souls… You all are inspirations!

P.S. THD cover announcement coming soon! Keep an eye on www.theholdersdominion.com. 😉













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