Never Finished—Only Abandoned?

flower petal winged fairy artwork

To the writer, painter, animator, musician… To all artists: What does the phrase “Never finished—only abandoned,” mean to you?

After we’ve cut and carved away at the raw, vulnerable emotions of our pain, sadness, humor, and happiness, and hardwire them piece by bloody piece into our art, how do we come to call it done? Knowing that no more edits will be made, no tweaks, no last-minute changes… It will be final! This is it. It’s time to give our work to the world, and yet… We hesitate.

How do we say farewell to months and years poured into our artwork. To the infinite number of hours chained in solitary confinement until the creation we saw as our vision came finally into being—came to life. Every word, every stroke of color, every angle, and chord we strung together is a piece of ourselves, a piece of our soul as art. It is everything that we are now. It defines a slice of our life, shows where we arrived after complete devotion to its creation. It is everything it can be in this moment. And it is time to bid farewell. Time to nudge it out of the nest. How terrifying or wonderful? Or both? How should we prepare ourselves?


5 thoughts on “Never Finished—Only Abandoned?

  1. Well one way to think of it is the end of one chapter and a start of a new, the story only ends when you say it is over. Journeys like these few people experience in their life time and you can stand tall at the end of the day and say “I followed my dreams”. Stay the course you are on now and you will do great. 🙂

  2. This is why I play music. I never have to actually say goodbye to it; I can play my favorites again and again. But as for other art forms, I’d say that they have gone on to be something meaningful to others, our gift to them, if you will. And perfection is not required when giving a gift. You only need to have the correct intent. Then you can smile and move on to your next gift. It’s waiting for you to turn in its direction.

  3. I can’t say that it means all the much to me. I don’t feel as though art is abandoned, at least not art that is shared with the world. If I wrote a book and then took my only manuscript and and buried it in the ground then perhaps it would be abandoned. But finishing the creative process is one of the best parts of art because then you can share it with anyone and everyone.

    I would agree that art is never finished, but that is because art has is immortal and will not stop expressing as long as someone is able to encounter it. To be able to take our own life and soul as the artist and share with others part of us is a true gift for both the audience and the artist.

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