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I’m the last person I would expect to be an avid video game enthusiast. Since I can remember, my favorite interests have been focused on activities like equestrianism and the tempestuous world of fashion. It wasn’t until my adult life that I was introduced to the worlds of MMOs and excitement of consoles. But over the years I have met and gamed with incredible people in perfectly made games. I have witnessed the friendships, sportsmanship, patience, determination, teamwork, challenge, and inspiration that come with gaming.

Because of these experiences I have written some quotes from my time playing and learning within the wonderful world of video games. Please enjoy! Also, I would love to support your favorite quotes as well! Leave them or your website in a comment below and I’ll tweet your favorites during quote week!

I’d take a video game night over a club night. More fun, more people, nicer conversations, perfect music, no fights, and my wallet stays full.

Video games are sports. There are teams, practices, and competitions.

Nothing ups your heartbeat and stretches your mind like a healthy PVP match.

TV teaches you that you’re not good enough & you’ll lose. Video games teach you that you’re epic & you’ll win.

An evening spent gaming is an evening worth heralding.

Got Game?

You’re watching TV. I’m playing a video game. At least my screen has real friends on the other side.

I’d rather be raiding.

To game on a PC or a Console? That is the question.

MMOS offer slow and steady successes over a long time. Consoles offer the quick & dirty.

Get in the game, or get off the keyboard.

Watching TV you’re still alone but gaming online you’re always among friends.

Genese Davis Gaming

Genese Davis

Author’s Note:

It is my belief that no one should ever be ribbed for playing video games. Video games offer great ingenuity, independence, and friend/family bonding. I hope these quotes help shift gaming into a new perspective. As a gamer you are a passionate individual who’s interested in what the majority of humanity is also interested in: team based activities, social interaction, healthy competition, creativity, art, and new technology… All these things are found in games. And everyone I know is very passionate about at least one of these.

There you have it. Gamers are normal people who have diverse interests in many things and you can never categorize them or put them in box.


7 thoughts on “Video Game Quotes

  1. Probably a bit longer than a typical quote, but I had a lot to say.

    People read books, watch movies, watch shows, listen to music and all of it is for entertainment and is perfectly acceptable. They try to live in these unreal realms for hours and hours every day, and then they act like a video game is some weird thing that doesn’t fit in with the rest of it. Well, they are right. Games actually have human interactions. Playing a game gives us the opportunity to experience emotions, and meet new people, and enjoy the company of our friends. We can talk, and laugh, and cheer, and sometimes cry. And when we do that it isn’t just watching, or reading, or hearing about someone else doing it; it is actually us doing it. So no, games don’t fit in with those other things. Because playing a video is the only one that actually takes place in “real life.”

  2. When in doubt, play games.

    Replaying a video game is like watching a rerun… they just keep getting better and better.

    Winners play games to win and losers play games to win which makes the desicion to play games always a win-win.

    The Gamer is to the game as the Firefighter is to the burning building. The hero.

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