New Diablo III Review Unearthed: Guest Post

Meet John. He is a musician, an analytics supervisor at a well-known company, and a video game player. This is his Diablo III review.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III

My experience with Diablo III was similar to countless others: I got a lot out of the game—more than I could have expected. And Diablo III should receive nothing short of a positive, glowing review. Here’s why:

1) Blizzard gave me the game for free
2) I got hours and hours of entertainment
3) I played through every level: Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno
4) I made $300.00 dollars for playing Diablo III. (FOR PLAYING A GAME, I MADE $300.00.)
5) The money I made in Diablo III would have paid for the game itself ($60.00 normally), and will pay for quite a few future game investments in the future.

Let’s start out by illuminating the fact that Blizzard Entertainment made a very generous decision to GIVE out Diablo III to anyone who bought a year subscription to World of Warcraft. Let me reiterate that. I received D3 for free just for continuing to play a different game I had already been playing for years. Note: Blizzard’s offer to give out D3 for any annual pass holders wasn’t what convinced me to buy another year of WoW as I was already planning to continue to play WoW. In fact, World of Warcraft enables me to hang out with my family and best friends who live more than a thousand miles away. I’ve always been interested in playing Diablo III, so I planned on paying the $60.00 to buy it. But I did not (DID NOT) have to pay for the game. I was given a free copy from Blizzard just as a thank you for playing WoW. First great impression for a great game-review.

Like a lot of other players I wasn’t able to log in and play Diablo III at midnight on May 15th, 2012. Naturally, I was disappointed, and of course I wish Blizzard could have anticipated the magnitude of players who tried to log on for the first time at the same time. But it’s technology, and Blizzard is the only company breaking new barriers to support millions of simultaneous demands. Errors are going to occur when new records are broken and unparalleled game purchases are sold. So, what did I do at 12:01 a.m. when I couldn’t log in? Well, I didn’t panic that’s for sure. Instead, I worked on other things I’m passionate about. In fact, while I waited for the servers to be available I ended up writing a lot of music for my band and by 2:00 a.m., I was able to log in to Diablo III. Although Blizzard did not anticipate the errors and did not have a perfect launch night, they did demonstrate strenuous effort to resolve the errors as quickly as possible. Although this was a hiccup toward receiving a positive game-review, Blizzard did not fail to resolve nor hesitate to apologize for the game-launch shortcomings.


Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo III

Next up is the amount of entertainment I got out of Diablo III. D3 has four different difficulty levels: Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. I played Diablo III all the way through four different times, had four different experiences with four different levels of new challenges. Every night for weeks I played D3 for several hours at a time. The storyline was good, the graphics were innovative, the cinematic cut scenes were impeccable, and EVERY level of the game had new challenges. All these highlights add to a positive game-review.

Let’s talk about the Real Money Auction House. The real money auction house was advertised as a new feature for Diablo III and should have been ready to go live at launch. Blizzard failed to have this part of the game ready and of course all of the players including myself were disappointed. However, yet again, Blizzard is making headway in new game innovation. They are the first to combat the illegal black market money transfers and they are doing so without any other video game companies to emulate. The real money auction house had some bugs and Blizzard fixed them quickly. After the real money auction house went live, I made $300.00. I made $300.00 for playing a game. A game I thoroughly enjoyed, and a game that gave hours and hours of good entertainment. That’s a win, People. Yes, the AH wasn’t ready at launch but it works now and gives the opportunity for people to make money playing a video game.

What about the critics who are trying to vilify Diablo III for “losing” players? Here we go, are you ready? Because this next part is going to blow your minds. Diablo III IS NOT an MMO. ~Gasp!~ Yep. Most games are made this way. You play them all the way through, and then you’re done. I have played through all of Diablo III’s levels. What do you expect? I want to be “done” with the game. I beat the game in record time, and that gave me a sense of accomplishment. You think that constitutes a negative review for the game? I would never be upset that I beat a game. And technically, I will still level up new classes, and will play with family and friends. So really, I am not “done” with the game at all. If you don’t get that, then you’re probably thinking of WoW and trying to compare D3 to an MMO. Get your facts straight and give Diablo III the recognition and the glowing reviews it deserves. It is a well-made game, and it is fun to play. It’s a game that gives hours of great entertainment, offers multiple classes to try, and offers multiple levels of difficulty. All of that PLUS the game itself is beautifully designed and has incredibly intuitive interface. PLUS, Diablo III offers a way for players to make real money, too.

I play dozens of video games a year, and based on my experience and the level of quality I expect from Blizzard games, Diablo III deserves a good review. I’d give it four and a half stars out of five. Diablo III is a great game. Thanks, Blizzard. And thanks Genese for having me!

Diablo 3

Thank you, John! Your review is detailed and refreshing. It was great to hear your perspective and what you got out of the game. Thank you for sharing, sir. ☺

5 thoughts on “New Diablo III Review Unearthed: Guest Post

  1. It’s often easy to lose sight of the positive light when negatives shadows cast their form around the scenery. Though Diablo was not perfect (as was abundantly pointed out on forums and in the press) I suspect that no game, or movie or TV show, ever is. But viewed holistically Diablo is another game that Blizzard has created to entertain millions, and entertain it certainly has.

    They may have bit off more than they could chew with some of the new auction house features, but no video game is really do it like that at such a high volume. I think that real improvements could be made if Blizzard studied commodity trading on some of the financial markets (CBOT, CME, NYSE, etc). But it is very cool to see that they are taking a step in that direction in order to pull more user initiated transactions in to the games and develop a market that has existed only in exile so far.

    I certainly enjoyed the game. The gameplay was great. Almost impossible at times on the highest difficulty, but at least for me it is those steep challenges that are so rewarding when you can finally kill a seemingly undefeatable boss. I would say that is another thing that Blizzard is doing that a lot of other companies are not doing quite so well. Developing content that appeals to a broad range of gamers. Probably the first 75% of the game is definitely playable by anyone, even someone with limited to no prior experience, but extra challenges exist at the end (on Inferno) for more diehard gamers. Another great game from Blizzard.

    • That makes so much sense, Jacob. Thank you for your thoughts! I’m one of those gamers who also likes challenging game content and I really like that Diablo and WoW offer such a variety.

      I have been playing through Diablo III slowly due to work constraints but so far I am thoroughly enjoying the game. Things like the story line and the cinematic videos throughout the game are hooking me! I couldn’t help but tear up during one cinematic because of the rich character development and pay off.

      The first time I logged in was on the 16th, and I didn’t experience any errors. I have not tried out the real money auction house yet, but it is cool to hear people’s success stories in making money. I like that it is optional and I don’t have to participate in the real money AH if I don’t want to.

      One of the things I really like about the game’s interface is how fluid everything is. Within minutes I was comfortable moving around the game and it almost felt like the game knew what I wanted to do before I could hit the button. 😀 I want to play through the game faster. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the story. Plus! I want to try the harder levels of difficulty, too.

      My monk is soooooo much fun to play. I tear through the mobs; it’s so wicked-cool. And I am impressed by the monk’s movements and abilities. Every single time that huge bell appears and I knock the crap out the mobs and they go flying back I giggle and smile like crazy. Such a fun class to play! When I level up and get a new ability I can’t wait to try it out and see the animation that the character or weapon does. :)!!

      I’ve heard some great reviews about the other classes like barbarian and demon hunter. I want to try those out as well but I am definitely going to continue with monk for now. 😉

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