Artist Spotlight: Levente Peterffy

I had the privilege of working with the very talented artist, Levente Peterffy. Because of people like Levi, my appreciation and perspective on art, matte painting, and photography have reached another level. Levi’s art is amazing—peruse his work here. Along with being a great painter, Levi is a talented photographer as well. He and I coordinated a photo shoot in preparation for a press kit for my upcoming novel.

There is so much meticulous thought and detail that goes in to photo shoots, shared by both the model and the photographer. Both must work hard to immerse themselves in the world of the photo, to find the essence of the story, capture the vision, and convey it back to the viewer. I learned how beneficial lighting, angles, weather, time of day, and equipment can be. I learned that through hard work, thoughtful planning, plenty of preparation, and an inundating amount of hours, the artist’s art can be realized and achieved. We’ve linked some of the pictures below. To see more click here.

Remember to support your local artists! It’s a transforming and rewarding experience.

Thank you so much, Levi!


2 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight: Levente Peterffy

    • Thanks, Rix! I completely agree. Photographers put so much of their heart and souls in to their photos. It’s nice to give them the appreciation they deserve. 🙂 I’d love to see some of your work. Do you have it up online?

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