Lark Your Life

LarkA Carefree, Spirited, or Spontaneous Adventure; Something Done for Fun; To Enjoy Oneself by Behaving in a Playful, Mischievous Way.Skyline Landscape

I love the word lark. I love the sound of the word, the meaning, and the various ways it can be used in a sentence. Lark has a personal tie back to my childhood, too. Some nights, when my family and I were up late past our bedtime, I remember my father asking, “Who’s up for a lark?” This question was followed by giddy screams and, “I am!” Moments later we were off and on our way.

It didn’t matter where we were going. It could have been to a late night movie, or to get a late night treat. The fact that we were leaving the house unexpectedly, spontaneously and with adventure on our minds was what made it special.

Today, I strive to continue the tradition by going on spontaneous larks whenever and however possible. Spur of the moment adventures and surprises to the beach, exploring new hiking trails, supporting local theatres, comedy clubs, or theme parks, or just packing up the car for a road-trip… There are always playful, spirited larks waiting to be had.

Part of what make larks special though, is exploring things you never imagined would be your “cup of tea.” Staying in your comfort zone will leave your larks… well, unlarkable. 😉 Push yourself to dabble in the new. Try new hobbies. Explore new themes. Maybe your loved ones enjoy painting, rock climbing, sci-fi, motorcycles, or chess. Even if these things never interested you before, take the opportunity, give them a chance. You might be surprised. It works for me all the time.

A while back when asked to go to a Renaissance Fair, I didn’t know how to feel about the idea. I wasn’t sure it would be for me. Plus I was concerned about the gas money, ticket prices, and the fact that this Ren Fair was going to take up an entire Saturday that I needed to work. But I had to give it a chance. I owed it to myself to dabble, experiment, explore, live life to the fullest, find treasures in unexpected places, etc. So I mustered up my “lark my life” attitude and went to the Renaissance Fair. And yes, I had a BLAST! I even got the dress.

Genese Davis

Genese Davis

Listen to the world around you. People will surprise you. Life will surprise you. Let it! To meet each day like this—living with an open, carefree attitude, to trust, and to find these adventures—is how my personal motto became: “Lark Your Life.”

Whatever the future holds, make your way with a lark!

Okay… I love that too. Guess I have a second motto now. 😉


8 thoughts on “Lark Your Life

  1. I am very glad that you introduced me to the word lark, but I find it so hard to use! Any time I read it, I find it to be so awkward… Either way, I am so glad that you are able to blend lark so seamlessly into your life 🙂

    • Yeah, it takes time. Since it’s not used in everyday dialogue you’ll need to find reasons to use it. But, I can tell you, when it becomes routine in your sentences it feels right at home. 😉 Find any reasons to use it lately?

  2. Glad to here that you had a blast at your local renaissance fair those are always a blast, also nice costume btw.

  3. Although these exact words were not used, a friend once told me to “lark my life”, (and I mean entire life). She said that I had an amazing talent that I was not using and needing to explore it to the fullest. It took a little to understand for myself, but months later I ended up quitting my job, completely changing careers, and moving to a new city. I have not yet accomplished the goals that I have set forth, but I am on my way and working hard. I can say though that I am much happier where I am now, compared to where I was.

    That may be a more extreme lark, but I think the general idea is a great one. I think the pursuit of new and different perspectives is a great thing for anyone, and the spontaneity can really keep things fun and exciting.

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