E3—Innovation Unveiled

Walking the floor of E3 for the first time was jaw-dropping. As a passionate gamer, it is easy for me to get sucked in to one particular intellectual property (IP), and spend a lot of quality time with fellow gamer-mates in that world. Going to E3 was a fantastic reminder to how many games are created every year, and how much opportunity there is to explore new worlds and lore together. I am so pleased to report the highlights of my E3 experience, and give credit and praise to the creators, writers, artists, and gamers who make these IP’s possible.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade show for the computer and video game industry. Hosted in the LA Convention Center from June 4-7, E3 was a boisterous event where video game developers debuted their upcoming game releases and game-related hardware.

Favorite highlights:

Square Enix: Tomb Raider

Tactical has a whole new definition for Lara Croft when it comes to the new Tomb Raider game. Coming out in 2013, this Tomb Raider is even more intense. The demo was unbelievably gut-wrenching as I watched Lara struggle to escape the most challenging and dangerous jungle encounters. Taken captive, tortured, attacked, stabbed, shot, scaling cliffs, plummeting from waterfalls, and outwitting the deadliest of predators… Lara goes through hell in this game.

Instead of Lara continuing to be the tough female-James-Bond-type, like in previous Tomb Raider games, this expansion will give us a more vulnerable Lara. A Lara who has a sincere, kind energy, who has a conscience, and who knows the value of life. Lara has to be more resourceful and clever to survive which I like a lot. I cannot wait to experience this Tomb Raider adventure.

Ubisoft: Assassins Creed III

Is it the hood that makes this guy so cool? I’m not sure, but whatever it is something about this IP gets to me. I can follow the Assassins Creed game play for days. The demos at E3 did not disappoint. The chase sequences through the wintery forest had me on the edge of my seat. The music and sound effects were thrilling. The attacks and defense animations were spot on. The début cinematic had me stone still, watching agape. This IP is very well made. Cheers and praise to the developers at Ubisoft.

Activision: Call of Duty: Black OPS II

I really enjoyed the 2010 COD: Black OPS game. Nuketown was sooooo much fun, and is still my favorite map to date. However, there is plenty of potential for Black OPS II to become my new favorite COD expansion. The game play for Black OPS II looks wicked and promising. Set in the future where “technology got stronger, but we got weaker,” there are new twists and turns to get psyched about in this game.

Trion Worlds: Defiance

Trion Worlds and Syfy partner to create Defiance—the first multi-platform shooter MMO. When I sat down to test this game I was skeptical but it surprised me. I could summon an all-terrain vehicle by hitting X, and it even came with a turbo boost. Weeeeee! But it was easy to get stuck, which got super annoying. Any rock, tree branch, or ditch became a nuisance real quick.

The world events were super cool. The sky and music changed, and immediately I could feel the sense of urgency to get to the resources before the alien enemies. It was like Call of Duty meets Need for Speed, and then meets a fantasy online game. As long as the developers get the glitchyness out of some of the game play, this could be a really fun MMO.

Bethesda: Dishonored

This is a very cool-looking first person game. In Dishonored you play a supernatural assassin who’s been wrongly accused for murder. It takes place on a planet that is not earth, but rather an alien-Victorian world. You can go through the game in an action-packed way, interacting along the quest lines and slaughtering your enemies as you go, or you can choose the ghost-mode. The ghost-mode is where you can stealth your way through, and act more as an eavesdropper and observer. And it is possible to complete the game without killing anyone. Whoa! To have both options is pretty wicked-cool!

Into the Pixel Winners!

The sixteen winning pieces of the esteemed 2012 Into the Pixel (ITP) collection was on display at E3. ITP is a juried art exhibition that brings together experts from the traditional fine art world, and the interactive entertainment industry. Every year, the committee finds and displays the best art in video games. See my favorite pics here.

VideoGame History Museum

What if I told you I wanted a video game history museum, too? In my own home — just like the one they had at E3! Well, it’s true. /blush. I do want this. But putting my own wants aside, E3 did have the coolest display for the history of video games. There were consoles, posters, cartridge holders, arcades, everything! It was special walking the lanes of this museum, appreciating the nostalgia and recognition that this industry has produced. Please enjoy the pictures I’ll be posting here.

Genese DavisThe Art of Video Games

The Art of Video Games at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, March 16 – September 30, 2012. How wonderful is this? The prestigious Smithsonian dedicating six months to the art of video games is super cool.

Come tour with me

Be a part of my journey and let’s experience this exciting industry together: Like my author page and follow me on Twitter @genesedavis. More pics, more reviews, more everything coming tomorrow!  xoxo

Survey Says?

1) What do you think of E3?

2) What are your current favorite video games?

3) What games releases are you most looking forward to in 2012 an 2013?

4) Would you rather watch television for an hour or play a video game? Why?

5) Do you think video game trailers (are) or (will become) or (have already become) as epic as movie trailers?

Post answers in a comment below. 😉


2 thoughts on “E3—Innovation Unveiled

  1. 1) I’ve never been, but for as long as I’ve been playing games it has been an important event in the industry. I remember back as a kid getting to hear about all the new games coming out, and cool info about them.

    2) WoW has been my favorite for a while. Other games I’ve enjoyed recently were the Mass Effect series. I also play Team Fortress 2, though not as much recently.

    3) I don’t really play that many games any more. Probably the Wow Expansion, Mists of Pandaria. I’m not even sure what else is coming out in the near future.

    4) Games. It is a lot more interactive, especially when playing with friends. I mostly play games online with friends that I do not live near. It is one of the few ways I can stay in touch with those friends on a regular basis. I don’t think we would be able to do that watching TV.

    5) I would say that the best video game trailers have historically been far superior to the best movie trailer. Movie trailers are just scenes cut out of the movie. When you see the movie, you are experience that exact scene for the second or third or forth time (depending on how many times you saw the trailer). It is a really lazy approach in my opinion, and doesn’t really build up to anything so much as it just informs the audience that the movie is coming out and shows them some scenes out of context.

    Video game trailers are more often an actual prologue to the game, or at least an unseen scene that you will not actually have during the game play (certainly a number of them do this anyways). If it does happen to actually take place in the game, the video game trailer is often done with different animation than the game, so it is still a different perspective. Some video game trailers will include actual game play, but even then, since the player has so much control over the game it is rare that what they see in the trailer actually happens frame by frame in their play through. Typically that would also be just an action sequence that doesn’t spoil any dialogue, a joke, or the story.

    I like the build up in game trailers, and that the build up is not just copy and pasted out of context spoilers, but rather more of a prologue. Movies in my opinion should take more of that approach and film something that doesn’t happen in the story as the trailer. Just show the prologue again before the movie starts. At least that way it gets it all out the way at once if someone missed the trailer, and an hour into the movie I’m not seeing a scene I already saw. Or they could use intense or dramatic scenes that don’t actually show up in the film, or at least use a different camera angle from a scene that is. A movie could even use an animated trailer even if the movie is live action, and then maybe at the end of the trailer just quickly rush through something that is live action but as I said maybe not a scene directly out of the movie, but just a different shot that didn’t make the final cut.

  2. 1. While I do have to say that the press conference made me tilt my head a bit. The highlights would Rayman for the Wii U, the unveiling of the Unreal Engine 4, and of course Watch Dogs game play demo.

    2. Well besides the Mass Effect 3, Deus Ex Human Revolution and Uncharted 3, but as Total Biscuit always says broaden your horizon, don’t be confined to just one platform whether PC or console

    3. Some of the games that caught my eye would have to be Assassins Creed 3, Watch Dogs and my personal favorite Last of Us

    4. I would rather play a game just for the reason that there is hardly anything good on worth watching.

    5. In some aspects game trailer have the have just as epic as trailer from movies, but for what ever reason I feel it is like a double-edge sword. While yes most trailers are impressive and help get a premise of what the story and characters are like, one thing that can make or break a game now a days is the game play itself. One example that comes to mind would be the Final Fantasy 12, it was pretty to look at but the game play (and even the characters that you are suppose to care about) was just awful, I felt like I had to micro manage everything and that took all the enjoyment away

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