Shy Writing vs. Outgoing Social Media

Genese Davis

Genese Davis

I can’t afford to be shy. That is something I’ve been telling myself for quite a while now—it’s embedded so deep into my subconscious that, (SPOILER) it even appears in my upcoming novel. 😉

If you knew me as a child though shy would never have been a key descriptor. I was the opposite. But we all go through our personality growth spurts and have our fair share of changes. As an adult, I became more shy. But, lo and behold, this is changing again!

A recent publishing video issued this statement, “Writers! Throw out the old mentality that you can hide behind your novel as an anonymous novelist, and embrace the new world of marketing, social media and public relations.” The video went on to say that publishing houses require writers to have an online platform already established before signing them. This means, at minimum, us shy lil’ writers need to be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and be blogging. (Oh Lawd, that’s a lot! And a bit scary, am I right?)

But now that I am gallivanting into the grassy plains of social media, I have a review for anyone debating dabbling in the same arenas. (“debating dabbling” ? Try saying that five times fast) ;P

FB and Google +

Both are definitely great social media sites to help stay connected with friends and family, and to send out announcements and coordinate events. The google hangouts are fantastic to get groups together and facetime with your friends, loved ones… whoever. FB has all types of page options and is a great way to get your business updates out to everyone. For an example of this check out

LinkedIn and Blogging

The professional network LinkedIn is a great way to present your career history and current projects. You can connect with co-workers, and/or hunt and peck for employment opportunities in the job market. In addition, LinkedIn provides ways for companies to head hunt specific skills sets and people for positions. Check out my LinkedIn link at Blogging was nerve racking at first, but I’ve taken the plunge and it’s turned out to be personally rewarding. HUGE thanks to all of you for reading my blog and supporting this artist. 😉

And now for TWITTER

Twitter has been the one tool of social media that has surprised me in the most unexpected ways.

I never thought I would be a die-hard tweeter. But let me tell you how much this social tool has surprised me. Twitter’s #1 biggest sell has been the amount of amazing, funny, talented, and wonderful strangers available to connect with. A lot of my friends asked, “Why would I have Twitter when I have Facebook? Aren’t they the same?” Not at all! Check it out: FB’s biggest functionality is how fast and effectively you can hook up with people you know. But Twitter is for the big, wide, open sea of people who you don’t know. Not yet anyway. 😉 From my experience with Twitter thus far, I’ve connected with more creative, cordial, helpful, and positive people than I ever could have imagined. And all the sudden one of your new Twitter friend followers is turning a bad day into a bright and shiny one in seconds. Now, that’s cool!

Twitter has taught me this:

I can…
  • Follow friends and family’s updates
  • Connect with new people who uplift and inspire
  • Connect with new people who share in my interests, i.e., writing, editing, video games, horses, movies, running, tennis, travel, etc.
  • Learn and grow from industry guru’s, idols, leaders, and businesses
  • Follow updates for political parties and political leaders
  • Follow updates for favorite bands, singers, artists
  • Follow favorite actors, directors, producers, films and TV shows.

As you can see, Twitter offers many different avenues of staying connecting with all sorts of categories. I give Twitter a thumbs up and invite you to join in the fun. Let’s follow each other! @genesedavis

So even though I’ve gone through my fair share of personality growth spurts: Outspoken as a child, withdrawn and shy as a teenager/college age… I’m turning the leaf back to childhood days and getting back to the outgoing side-of-life.

Okie, now it’s your turn. 😉 What do you think of the above social media sites? Which is your favorite? Any of the above new to you? Comment below with your stories and thoughts!


11 thoughts on “Shy Writing vs. Outgoing Social Media

  1. As a shy musician, I can completely relate. Even with the ease of being able to socialize in the comfort of my room behind a screen it can still be tough for me to want to actively dive in to an online conversation or connect with random people. I have to push myself more in order to reach more potential fans and colleagues, but I’m learning.

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  3. Cracking Twitter is a big endeavour. I think by not thinking of it as business and interacting one to one with people, the business aspect follows. But being human is the best way to impress people, and constantly Tweeting ‘buy my book’ will really never work!

    • David, what you wrote rings so true to me. I’ve always believed and lived by putting people first, and to value relationships and connections. Thank you for your thoughts! ❤

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