Why Mike Morhaime Reminds Me of Steve Jobs

I’ve immortalized Mike Morhaime as a visionary hero. Even though I’ve only met him briefly at holiday parties and watched him on stage, I feel a respectful connection to him — the way a child knows his favorite super-hero, and a die hard fan his celebrity. πŸ˜‰

When Mike Morhaime speaks, all my attention is his. Not because of what he is saying, but because of how he’s saying it. I feel his sincerity. I revere his humility. I believe in his passion, and I see a fervor, a tireless effort to expound boundaries, and a willingness to bleed for a cause. It is in these non-verbal messages that Mike Morhaime makes me feel empowered. Just hearing him speak I believe something more positive is happening in the world. That we are somehow more limitless. And that the ingenuitive creator within us all can connect with humanity, tap into our inner power, and move and push us for the better.

Only one other inspired and invoked this same reaction. And that was Steve Jobs. When Steve Jobs would speak, I was all ears. He made me excited and antsy — as if I was an integral part of a movement, or something bigger than myself. My future was Jobs present. He made me believe there is already a better today, and that I only needed to stand up and seize it. Jobs did more in his key note speeches than discuss a new product — he made me believe that innovation was mine to access, vision was mine to hold, and that I mattered in the world. He made me feel connected, and honestly, a die-hard modernist. πŸ˜‰

If Steve jobs is the “Father of the Digital Revolution.” Then Mike Morhaime is the “Father of the Video Game Revolution.”

To my visionary heroes, Thank you.

Cheers. ❀



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