The Creative One on One



What is a creative one on one (1×1)?

The creative 1×1 is a meeting between the creative producer or story supervisor and the writer.

What happens in a creative 1×1?

This is where an artist can bounce their ideas off a trusted, creative advisor. Specifically, writers can talk out story points, character choices, plot movement, or virtually any other questions, concerns, or problems about the writing project.

Why is a creative 1×1 essential for writers?

Novels are always multi-layered to a point where conflicts with one character can resonate with unfinished business in another part of the protagonist’s life. Readers are sensitive to these subtle parallels. Working with your creative producer, taking time to analyze and narrow the focus of character’s motivations, can help writers create a strong resonance across the layers of the story—a way to unite the book’s ambitions. Creative producers provide the outsider perspective that brings to light what artists can miss, and provide solutions to any facet of their work such as pacing or tone.

How do I find a creative producer or story supervisor? 

Finding the perfect person that you can share your creative vision and brainstorm with can be tough. They need to have a deep passion for story. To find your creative match you might have to hunt and peck. Producers for films, video games, and novels can be found with an internet search, as well as story developers. Ask around. You may already know a producer, editor, or story developer, or someone who can connect you with one. The best part about the time we live in is the amount of resources we have to connect with others. We can use these resources to find other like-minded individuals. When choosing a creative match, look for someone who has knowledge, expertise, or experience in the type of project you’re working on. If you’re writing a non-fiction book about fishing you should find another fisherman. If you’re writing about a far-off world with vast expanses, find a dreamer.

The entire experience can be beneficial for the producer and for the writer!

Every type of writing, be it novels, screenplays, theatre plays or short stories, begins as an idea. The tough thing about an idea though is that it can get stuck. When you ask someone to be a part of the creative development process, you’re offering a way to ignite his or her creative outlet as well. Who knows what you’ll end up creating, and how the input will inspire and evolve your project. And those looking for a future in production will increase their production pipeline knowledge and experience.

Great things come from collaboration. Let’s get dreaming!

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