The Ever Essential Support

Support your idea. It is overwhelming to start the project of writing a novel. Believe in yourself. Believe in your idea. Believe in the why. Believe in your message, your cause, your belief.

To expand your support-building explore these options:

  • Define the genre you want to write in.
  • Gather materials and knowledge to ensure your journey is informative.

There will be times the genre for our writing is obscure. Or our idea may dictate the genre leaving us no choice in the matter.

A good place to start is to decide on a favorite author, a writer you identify with and would like to emulate, and read as many of their works as possible. Read connectively. Read with sensitivity. Read the works like you’re going to take a test on it. Notice their style and define what you like about it. Does the author leave things to your imagination? Or dictate every detail with excessive explanation or redundant descriptions? I prefer the former over the latter. I want to infer for myself tidbits in the works, and I want the writing to assume I will remember a description, rather than inundate me with reminders. Does the author prefer backstory or dialogue to increase plot motivations? Does the author push boundaries, challenging you to muse, inspire, and find new arches in your own beliefs, imagination, and comfort-level?

Another option is to read how-to books:

  • Novel writing
  • Journaling
  • Blogging
  • Short stories

For me, my route was a little peculiar. I’m like a sponge in the way that I soak up everything I read – positive, negative, and neutral. It is sometimes difficult to weed out beneficial information from jargon. I tend to emulate the things I read whether I want to or not. I was concerned if I read too many how-to books or too much of a favorite author, my writings would be sterile or conformed. I decided to break off and try it raw. I would go with instinct and common sense and create my own way. Of course, this evolved. 😛

Thankfully, I had a producer readily available to help with the pipeline process and help me define a schedule, a project method, a google document that tracked hours, content changes, and progress, as well as weekly 1×1’s. This ended up being a very good formula that worked for me. To this day, it is my backbone of support. 🙂

I will be speaking more acutely to this formula’s specifics in future posts.

And always remember to keep supporting your idea. It’s terrifying at times, so allow one person whom you trust to let in. A passionate supportive individual who can be there to talk to, vent to, and evaluate your ideas.


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